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The War Illustrated
Some articles from this famous World War Two magazine.
A website with a lot of documents and other information about the American Divisions.
World War II Unit Histories & Officers
A website dedicated to the units of the Second World War and there commanders.
Gives you a list of some of the best book series available about World War Two.
A Dutch website about cranes and other heavy stuff.
A Dutch Foundation for information about the Second World War.
Printed pictures
A Dutch webshop where you can by some of my photographs on canvas or framed.
D-Day Ships
A list of all the major ships used on D-Day.
A website about all the sites, cemeteries and museums about the First World War, in Dutch and English.
Odin ICT
The company which exploits the, and
Other websites build by Odin are: Onder de Panne, Scooter Nederland and De Levende Kerststal.